PIP/No-fault Software and Services

No-Fault or PIP billing and collection is one of the most complex niches of legal practice.

The complexity of the practice has to do with myriad of special forms, strict adherence to government requirements, stringent time limitations, and specialised assembly line software for handling the overwhelming volume.  LawSpades is an expert in handling the complexity and volume of this practice.

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Medical-Legal Outsourcing

LawSpades’s Medical Record Summaries, Indexing, Reviews and Abstractions are customized to deliver the results that you need. Whether you are a healthcare provider, insurance company, attorney or forensic engineer, our medical professionals will provide you with the distilled information you need.

We extract information from medical records into a summary document. Each entry in the summary allows the reader to refer and view the original records through links.

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Legal Business Process Outsourcing

LawSpades provides high-quality legal process outsourcing services to law firms of various sizes. We assist our clients to focus valuable time and resources on the substance of their cases rather than the physical act of constructing, organizing and managing their legal papers. Our trained and experienced team of Indian lawyers and paralegals ensures that you receive proficient LPO services.

Our LPO services team of qualified lawyers are especially skilled in legal drafting and legal analysis. We function as your back-office legal services provider and efficiently manage your legal drafting, documentation or research and analysis requirements. Outsource your legal needs to us, and save time and costs to a great extent.

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LawSpades specializes in providing organizations with customized technological and operational solutions that are cost-effective and highly beneficial.

The crux of our business includes providing IT enabled services, administrative support and operations consulting.  The solutions devised and implemented by LawSpades allow clients to increase efficiency, maximize profits and focus on core business practices.



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